Is The USA’s Hands-Off Policy toward Terrorism Inevitable?

Elections always bring new promises. With every new politician, there are new claims that the US will become a safer nation and a place free of terrorism. The US has suffered so much in recent history and for most Americans it still lingers in the back of their minds. However, a lot of people are concerned that having a hands-off policy towards terrorism means the US is at risk of disaster once again. Is that true?

Changing Times Abroad and At Home

Let’s be honest, being radicalized is a real possibility for any individual whether they live in America and have been raised there all their life or otherwise. There is a global crisis afoot when it comes to terrorism and in truth it’s not going anywhere. There will always be threats and that puts every country at risk whether it’s a super power like America or a very small developing nation. It’s important to have a more hands-on approach to how terrorism is tackled and what must be done to kick it out for good. US politics might need to change to help deal with these issues more effectively.

There Will Always Be Threats

OK, so having a hands-off policy might not be the best move to deal with terrorism because it doesn’t mean you will escape their clutches. However, there are lots of steps which have been taken to help tackle terrorism at home and abroad in the US. Anti-terror police, forces and security measures put in place to help deal with the threats are extremely viable. There are always going to be threats in the US, as well as abroad from all sorts of factions and that is the most concerning thing of all. More must be done to help tackle these terrorist issues and in truth, a new set of elections won’t put a stop to the threats either. Terrorism is on every door whether the country is at war with another country or at peace. People see America as a target unfortunately and that’s something the government needs to control.

More Must Be Done To Tackle the Threats

In truth, we all need to do more to help stamp out terrorism at the heart of the world. It’s not just attacks from abroad that need to be thought of, there are also threats at home too and that’s very concerning. More must be done to help remove threats from abroad as well as at home as they could impact the country in a major way. Some might say there is a hands-off policy when it comes to terrorism and that will cause an attack to occur but it can happen no matter what is done. People don’t always have to be on the radar of the officials to be a risk or a danger. That is the real problem because anyone can strike at the heart of the country. More must be done to help stamp out terrorism home and abroad. US politics can help but that alone won’t solve the problem.


No-one wants to feel afraid but the truth is that terrorism comes in many forms and while you might think if you steer clear of the issue, it will leave you alone, think again. Terrorism is a very real threat for billions around the world and it’s not just in the US which has to fear terrorism. Almost every country around the world has a fear and risk of being on the radar of terrorism. Elections cannot stop that fact, sometimes, hard action needs to be taken to help ease the threats but sometimes, and terrorism can’t always be unfortunately stopped.